Some Russian traditions, features and customs

Today we will talk about some Russian traditions, customs and features that would be good to know if you are going to Russia. This is useful information that will help you make a good impression on the family and friends of your Russian lady and better understand the mysterious Russian soul...

1. Russians answer frankly and in detail on the question "how are you?". In Russia, the question "how are you doing?" implies a specific answer,not just "fine, thank you." Since he is sure that you are not asking out of courtesy, but from sincere interest in his life and therefore would give you a detailed answer.

2. Sit at the table in order to talk and stay there for hours. As a rule, Russians like to get together for lunch or dinner and talk. This can last for a long time.First they dine and chat, then drink tea and chat. And even going home, the guests are often standing in the hall talking for some time. So the Russian feast can last for hours. In short, we love to eat and talk.

3. Do not make a visit without a present. A gift can be dessert or wine if you are invited to dinner, chocolate or flowers (always an odd number). It is not so important what it will be, the main idea is to bring something. It shows respect for the hosts.

4. Take off shoes in the house.

In Russia and in many other countries, due to weather conditions, it is always customary to take off shoes entering the house, unless the owners insist on the opposite. Of course, in modern conditions, when many people move around in cars and have little contact with open city spaces, so these habits change.

5. Live with parents It often happens that all generations - parents, children, grandparents - live together in the same place. And as a rule they live peacefully. A Russian person seldom aspires to "take off" from a parent's nest when he becomes an adult. Of course, some people only dream about it, but most do not see anything wrong living with their parents. Large families consisting of several generations in Russia are common.

6. Sincere smiles. Russians are easily recognizable in another country by their facial expressions. Some people think that Russians do not like to smile. But this is simply a misunderstanding of our attitude towards a smile. Russian people do not like what is called a "smile on duty", their emotions are real. So if they smile at you, then you can be sure that it's sincere.