About loneliness

In different periods of our life we love and hate loneliness.
Sometimes a person longs to be alone or completely devotes himself to his business. He meets interesting people at that time, but thinks that there are more important things to do. People work hard, study, build a career and do not leave room for personal life. It seems to them that life will wait and organize a fateful meeting later, when it will be convenient for them. “But life waits for no one”.And it turns out that when the right time comes, then “the right person” is not in a hurry… And then the loneliness that we once chose, from the desired turned into a forced.

Yes, of course, sometimes solitude is useful and you need that to make up your mind.

Also it is well- known that people who are not afraid of loneliness, live in harmony with themselves and are more likely to build a happy relationship. But look carefully so that your solitude does not last too long, and yourstatus does not change from "single" to "lonely and desperate".

 How often our clients tell us that they did not think to start a family until a certain age, and then one day they suddenly felt the need for it. Only yesterday, a successful woman did not understand her friend, who abandoned everything, got married and moved abroad. And today this woman woke up and felt that she would most of all like to prepare breakfast for her family. The same thing happens with men who diligently avoided family ties. Their brothers or friends got successfully married and now they play with their children and understand what kind of happiness it is and that they also want it. Then they begin their search for the second half. But if it's easy to get acquainted, it can take years to find the right person. Fortunately, when a person has enough time to find a right partner and most importantly has time for the birth and upbringing of the child. Often men think that they have more time than women for that and this is wrong. Since it is necessary to think not only about giving birth to a child, but also how to to raise him. Therefore, we recommend not to sit back and not wait for the long-awaited meeting to happen by itself. And take your destiny into your own hands and do something. For example, contact a marriage agency. Perhaps your second half has been waiting there for you...