Signs and superstitions about gifts

Since many Russian people are superstitious enough, one must be cautious about choosing a gift.
There are many signs and superstitions associated with the delivery of gifts. It is believed that not every gift will bring a person joy, and some gifts can badly affect his life later. I think it's important to know when you go on a date with a Russian lady. Today we will talk about flowers since Russian women love them very much!

The main superstition associated with flowers presented as a gift is that there must always be an odd number of colors in the bouquet, since an even number of colors are contained in the funeral bouquet. In Russia everyone knows itand a girl can be very upset if you give her, for example 12 roses, as it is customary in many countries.

Color also has its own symbolic meaning.
White flowers represent purity, innocence. Pink flowers symbolize tenderness and trust, the beginning of a love relationship. The yellow color of the bouquet means separation, quarrel and betrayal, so it is not advisable to give yellow flowers to loved ones. At the same time, there is an opinion that yellow roses can emphasize the intelligence of a beautiful lady. Dark red flowers are not given to young girls, they are usually handed to women of Balzac's age. Flowers of a very dark color symbolize mourning, so they are not given for holidays.

Each sort of flowers has a secret language.
Soroses tell about love, loyalty, gratitude. Tulips symbolize sympathy or love. Gerberas - sympathy, friendship. Lilies - beauty and integrity. Orchids - hope for seriousness of relationship. But carnations are not recommended to give at all, as these flowers are often associated with unpleasant moments of life. Carnations are one of the most popular flowers used in ritual services. Also, according to the rule, you’d better not to give people dried or artificial flowers.

We hope that this information will be useful for you and will help in courting the Russian lady. Russian women are very fond of flowers! You can give them flowers for any occasion and even without it. If you go on a date with a beautiful bouquet for a lady, then the chancesmake a good impression will increase significantly.