Advantages and distinctive features of Russian women

It is well known that many European men dream of marrying a Russian woman. What makes our women so attractive for men from many countries?

First, the main thing for most Russian ladies is a happy family, and men sense that. Although a large number of careerists have appeared recently, most women are still willing to sacrifice their freedom and career for the sake of their husbands and children. Where else would a man meet such a miracle - beautiful,intelligent, feminine, caring woman who is ready to change her life to create a family? But one of the most valuable qualities of a Russian woman is patience (not submissiveness!), tact and modesty.

Also worth adding is the strength of spirit of Russian women. Being a faithful companion of her husband is in Slavic blood . Historically, Russiahad a difficult development path and womenlearned to adapt to changes and complex situations. So theycan be excellent partners in life with its ups and downs, and any Western man will be delighted with the reliability and ingenuity of his Russian girlfriend.

If we talk aboutbeauty, of course, there are many beautiful women in every country. But men, who are looking for a Russian wife, often note the special grace with which Russian women move and theirsense of style.

It's no secret that there are many successful women in the world who do not know how to build healthy relationships with men. Our women use their intellect not to show their erudition, butto become a true woman and to build a happy family. They know the most important thing: how to understand and feel a man, how to make him happy and keep chemistry alive. Russian women have natural wisdom that is not taught in school and it’s their invaluable advantage.