How to build indissoluble relationship?

Creating harmonious and close relationships between a man and a woman resembles a construction site.

No wonder it’s spoken about building relationships with the opposite sex.

And even if you never built a house, you have some general idea of this process.

What do the construction and the relationship of the two have in common?

You will see 5 stages below through which any construction project goes - whether it is a house or relationship building.

1. Construction plan - communication with the opposite sex

It all starts with a plan and ideas about how a new home should look like. The plan must be agreed before construction.

The construction makes no sense if you only want to see what will come of this. You need an experienced architect who is going to form it in order to understand what house plan suits you.

It’s you who is the architect of your own life. The more experience you have in communication and relationships with the opposite sex, the more high-quality project you can create.

2. It's time to lay the groundwork for a reasonable self-esteem

Self-knowledge and reasonable self-esteem constitute the best groundwork on which a strong and harmonious partnership is being built.

Reasonable self-esteem in particular is the basis of stability and development of relations.

Do not expect your home to be strong if you suffer from low self-esteem. At the first blow of the north wind, your relationship will flutter like a dandelion.

There’s also little good in inflated self-esteem.

You will make bold to build a high-rise apartment house but it will sag and get ruined whereas you will think that you have a large and strong groundwork. Exactly like flimsy relationship.

Unlock your talents, cultivate your abilities. It will be easy for you to accept and love another person if you love and accept yourself.

3. Making walls patiently

The walls are made slowly, brick by brick, row after row.

Building relationships also requires a gradual approach - step by step, meeting after meeting.

Allow time for love to mature gradually so that you do not have to make up deficiencies or prematurely split up.

4. Roofing over and setting windows

The roof protects the house from rain and snow, the windows are a source of light and help to contact with the outside world. This is how the weather in the house and the warmth in the relationship are created.

The main thing is not to lock each other in a tower without windows and doors. After all, inner comfort and a feeling of safety depend largely on how deep we can trust each other.

5. Interior work - relations are still developing

Interior work, painting and finishing - this is probably the best part of any repairs. Each hour of work brings to a happy ending. You enjoy of the fruits of your labors, and you cannot wait until everything is ready.

You are planning the future during inter-individual relations. You have a lot of collective plans for many years to come.

This is a time for mutual creativity and the development of the ability to know each other's desires and needs.

Conflicts during repair are inevitable. Sometimes doubts whether you are building a relationship with the right person creep in.

But one day the repair is over. Congratulations! Now you know each other as closely, as if you did more than one repair together.

This is the time to enjoy the fruits of joint creativity together.

Although, by this time with a high probability there will be more than two people in your house.


Construction of a house is not a quick project and  it requires investment of effort, time and money - as well as building relationships with your loved one.

Move gradually and patiently to create a happy relationship, in this case you will not have to rectify deficiencies of a hasty, ill-conceived assembly.