Five ideas for St. Valentine’s Day

Do you think that bunch of 101 roses is enough for one of the tenderest holidays of the year? No one argues – that is beautiful. At the same time it’s too pompous and expensive. In order not to make a day full of disappointments we need to avoid being banal. Let's try to come up with something special, universal, no less romantic and still not wasteful.

1. It’s a far cry from the days when we wrote real letters. In vain! A handwritten letter in a beautiful envelope is by now almost equivalent to a miracle. The content of such a message is truly priceless. It can be a love confession, or gratitude for love, or poetry, full of tenderness and warmth. This letter will be kept for years. One could argue that each time it would remind the author and the memories will be very bright and warm.

How to be inspired and what to write? Try to recall the classics – Tatyana from the Pushkin masterpiece, a 1998 melodrama “You’ve got mail”, “Loneliness on the Net” by Janusz Wi?niewski where the heroes do nothing except chat... Of course, you need to write about your loved one. Expressing who he is; why your relationship is dear to you and how you imagine it; how grateful you are for being together.

2. Everybody loves balloons. Even those who say they don’t love. This is a true joy! Just imagine - a whole cloud of balloons of different colors - red, green, orange, blue, and transparent with sparkles! The more balloons, the more spectacular the gift is. You can fill the whole room with them, or you can fill each balloon with meaning.

We suggest putting a note with a compliment to your loved one in each balloon. Each balloon should contain one note inside. If you have a poetic power, then you can use your poems.

3. 50+ reasons for my love - the idea is not new, but it can be carried out in several ways. The essence is clear - you make a list of the reasons for your love ("I love you because you know how to make me laugh," "I love you because you have very beautiful eyes," "I love you because our first meeting was great adventure "," I love you because you always care about me, "" I love you because you promenade with me in the rain, "etc.). There can be as many reasons as you like - 10, 30, 50, 99, everything is up to you. The more reasons – the more pleasant the gift is.

4. Bake a cake! This idea is especially good if you haven’t done it before or you do it rarely. You can even try to cook Napoleon, home-made version of which is extremely good. Such kind of gift is time demanding, but it’s worth doing – this is just the case when you can "charge" your work with positive emotions, love and tenderness. Almost a love potion ;)

5. This is an idea for those who like to take pictures. Arrange an intimate photo show at home: print out photos of your loved one, your joint photos, travel photos and hang them up around the house. You can do this in a beautiful way - place each photo on a separate twine and fix them at different heights so that they seem to hang from the ceiling. Add garlands (everyone who has not yet removed the Christmas decorations now smiled, haven’t they?), candles, set the table – ideal variant would be light snacks, fruits and champagne.