Long distance relationship: the truth and a bit of romance

Due to means of communication we can be so close and so far at the same time...

In the days of active virtual spaces, social networks, all kinds of dating applications, long distance relationship is understood more as a norm than as something strange. It is almost like a guest marriage, which is now also quite a normal occurrence. However, each phenomenon has bright and dark sides...

Dreams and fantasies

Perhaps this is the best motivation for a long distance relationship. Here you will have a lot of time to think, fantasize and dream: no matter together with him or alone. Dreams and fantasies are what make a long distance relationship keep going. You talk about a wonderful holiday together, living together, about how many children you will have or will not have, how many kisses you send to each other, how much you love each other, and how you could right now... Were it not for the distance.

Together but separately

This is the perfect type of relationship for those who value personal space and freedom in everything. On the one hand, you have a partner with whom you spend some time together. On the other hand, you have your own personal life and interests. You do not feel alone, as a man is somewhere on the horizon and there is no need to look for anyone, but you do not change your usual way of life, only padding it with romantic meetings with him. The duration of such relationship depends on how much you like it - perfectly possible for several months or years (provided that the both of you feel well and comfortable during this story).

A future that...

…may not come, may be bright and joyful, may be deceiving, may invite and lure...

Everyone will continue this phrase at his own discretion. There are no guarantees of a shared future in a long distance relationship, as well as in usual relationships. A person next to you may change his mind to stand together, whilst a person who is far away may want to get closer. The state of acceptance, the willingness to improvise and develop a relationship - this is what will improve them regardless of distance.


It's no secret that men are inclined to it much more than woman though no one is going to canonize you. It means that you and he can be in a relationship with several future candidates at the same time. After all, “Tinder” is constantly tempting with new people and opportunities. So while one is somewhere far away, you can always have coffee or go to a bar with the other. Therefore, if you allow yourself a large flexibility, be prepared to allow it to him too. In the end, he still will not tell you about it. So will not do you.


Sooner or later it reaches any relationship. This strength is always very shaky at a distance. After all, the only thing that supports your communication is a mobile phone and a computer. If there are cuts-off, electricity problems, loss or damage to an electronic device, a relationship is at great risk. Having lost contact with you, he will not come to your home with a bouquet of flowers and a wedding ring and will not sing serenades under the window, he will not ask mutual friends to arrange a accidental encounter to bring you back. He simply may not know where you live. After waiting a week or two, he will think that the relationship is over. Most likely, he will continue to live his life without you and your morning and evening love messages. After all, both of you lived your own life in your city and in your country.

If you still haven’t found the life partner we will be glad to help you in search.