Long distance relationship: the truth and a bit of romance

Due to means of communication we can be so close and so far at the same time...

In the days of active virtual spaces, social networks, all kinds of dating applications, long distance relationship is understood more as a norm than as something strange. It is almost like a guest marriage, which is now also quite a normal occurrence. However, each phenomenon has bright and dark sides...

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10 signs of a loving man

Men are mostly simple people, they are not inclined to “muddy the water”. They like to make things simple. They are not very good in pretending the love they feel, especially in public. However they often confess their love differently - by actions. That’s definitely good! Here we put together the man’s actions that say about his true love - louder than huge bouquets, status messages in social networks and those all-too-common Teddy bears.

What relationship you shouldn’t break off

Any girl dreams of a knight in shining armour, whilst boy dreams about a beautiful princess. By all means, this is just a reference to fairy tales, life is much more prosaic. Nevertheless, somewhere in the profundities of the subconscious, there remains a desire to find the perfect partner. For some reason the idea of his/her self does not correspond to those people with whom you meet in real life. In effect, at your side will appear an ordinary person, with his own strengths and weaknesses - the ideal will probably remain unattainable. There are several signs that allow us to consider the existing relationship as quite normal and natural.

5 situations when you should not save a marriage

When we get acquainted with a potential partner and start a relationship with him, it may seem to us that we have met “the very man”, our fate. The one with whom we are ready to spend the rest of our lives. However over time, it may turn out that the partner does not suit us at all. We lived in a fool’s paradise and plans for a fabulous future, but in the event we are completely different people. How could we know that this is a case in point?

If all attempts to establish relationships in the family fail, ask yourself: is it worth saving the marriage? We are accustomed to think that it is worth doing through every possible means, but what it can really lead to? Probably - to the point where suffering and dissatisfaction with family life will do nothing but grow. Here are several cases – wake-up calls when you probably should seriously consider divorce.

Five ideas for St. Valentine’s Day

Do you think that bunch of 101 roses is enough for one of the tenderest holidays of the year? No one argues – that is beautiful. At the same time it’s too pompous and expensive. In order not to make a day full of disappointments we need to avoid being banal. Let's try to come up with something special, universal, no less romantic and still not wasteful.

How to build indissoluble relationship?

Creating harmonious and close relationships between a man and a woman resembles a construction site.

No wonder it’s spoken about building relationships with the opposite sex.

And even if you never built a house, you have some general idea of this process.

What to give as a gift on March 8th? Tips for men

International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8th, is a special day for all Russian women. It is an official public holiday. People give flowers, postcards, candy and other nice gifts to their mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. If you have not yet chosen a gift for March 8th, this article will help you make the right choice and please your beloved.

Advantages and distinctive features of Russian women

It is well known that many European men dream of marrying a Russian woman.What makes our women so attractive for men from many countries?

Signs and superstitions about gifts

Since many Russian people are superstitious enough, one must be cautious about choosing a gift. There are many signs and superstitions associated with the delivery of gifts. It is believed that not every gift will bring a person joy, and some gifts can badly affect his life later. I think it's important to know when you go on a date with a Russian lady. Today we will talk about flowers since Russian women love them very much!