What relationship you shouldn’t break off

Any girl dreams of a knight in shining armour, whilst boy dreams about a beautiful princess. By all means, this is just a reference to fairy tales, life is much more prosaic. Nevertheless, somewhere in the profundities of the subconscious, there remains a desire to find the perfect partner. For some reason the idea of his/her self does not correspond to those people with whom you meet in real life. In effect, at your side will appear an ordinary person, with his own strengths and weaknesses - the ideal will probably remain unattainable. There are several signs that allow us to consider the existing relationship as quite normal and natural.

The coincidence of outlook on life

You can recall once again the beautiful phrase "opposites attract." In reality, partners in a relationship should desire about the same thing. This applies both to outlooks on life and the world around (it’s stupid to quarrel over politics in the family), and to far-reaching personal plans: the acquisition of a residence and a car, the birth of children, and the approach to education. It will be difficult to maintain peace if one partner relies entirely on homeopathy and the other believes in a scientific approach and traditional medicine. On the other hand, it happens that a man loves hiking and playing on a guitar by the fire, whilst a woman prefers a cozy bed and a hot bath before going to bed. It’s premature to call this a catastrophe - hundred percent coincidences do not exist, differing interests are permissible within the framework of that same provision of personal space to each other.

Mutual trust

The only way when personal space can be provided to each other is absolute trust and mutual understanding in couple. However, these are generally fundamental things for a healthy relationship. Nowadays, few people consider the rule “jealousy means love” relevant. Jealousy is based precisely on distrust, suspicion and a sense of possessiveness. If you start to feel in your partner’s pockets, read his correspondence in a desire to find something juicy there, then in a relationship something goes wrong.

The right to a personal space

It is no coincidence that after some time of cohabitation, men begin to literally demand a bit of personal space. Women, even if involuntarily, are trying to control the time and thoughts of their chosen one. Personal space is necessary for everyone. The only place where it’s possible to create a free atmosphere is this space in which there is a place not only for overwhelming relations. Creating a pair of two people does not mean that they should now be inseparable throughout the day, share common interests and go everywhere together.

Let everyone have the opportunity to be by himself sometimes, meet friends, take the time to his hobby or just take a walk. Some healthy couples even spend their holidays separately. Such separation may be an original way to strengthen relationships.

It is difficult to do without quarrels and misunderstandings in long-term serious relationships. When problems arise, do not immediately give up: try to weigh the pros and cons, analyze the situation and find solutions together.